Copywriting for kids (and amazing grown-ups)

Please step inside, leave your shoes on – make yourself at home.

Do you have an idea or concept for a story project you want to bring into the world? I’m your Huckleberry.

Hundreds of stories for millions of children worldwide

I have created stories for kids since 2007, first as a producer, later as a content manager and finally as a freelance copywriter, mainly for one of the biggest toy brands in the world. (Warning: very long list to follow!) I’m an expert creator of content for websites, quizzes, blogs, activities, games, Amazon Alexa Skills, learning apps for kids, children’s books, comics, behind the scenes videos, designer interviews, TV commercials, instore magazines, social media campaigns, and leaflets for global and local campaigns.

My passion is creating characters and worlds kids can identify with. No good guy is perfect — sometimes you make mistakes, even if your heart is in the right place. Then what do you do? And are you really a bad guy, if your thirst for world domination is actually just a suppressed need for a big hug?

And to make sure I keep my work calender full (and myself out of trouble), I am also a passionate advocate for mental health issues, giving lectures on stress/work-life balance, writing children’s books, and working on a few well-guarded secrets 🙂

I’ve had lots of fabulous ideas for a new design for this website, but I keep finding new things to write instead, new crochet projects to try out, or it’s a nice day to go sailing – so this space (as with the rest of my online presence elsewhere) is pityfully neglected. You’re more than welcome to take an unguided tour of my virtual offices here – the paint is chipping, but I’ll get there in the end.

In the meantime, if you’ve made it this far, I would love to hear more from you. Email or call me, and I’ll meet you in real life, online, or anywhere in imaginary worlds that don’t require too many shots or a long visa application process. (And if you can get chocolate there, that’s not a bad thing, either.)

🙂 Anne Mette