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Every child can be the hero in their own book about The Mischievous Child!

Order a personalized book with your child’s name, their best friend, the city you live in, and more fun details that are bound to surprise and excite when you read the book out loud!

The book is available in English, Swedish and Danish. Every year, Min Bedste Bog/My Best Book/Min Bästa Bok donates a large portion of its profits to improve children’s conditions – both in Denmark and worldwide. When you order a copy of The Mischievous Child, you help to make A WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE.

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In English

"Name & the mischievous child" - a personalized children's book by Anne Mette Kærgaard Olesen from

På svensk

"Namn & Busen" - en personlig barnbok av Anne Mette Kærgaard Olesen från minbä

På dansk

"Navn & Slynglen" - en personlig børnebog af Anne Mette Kærgaard Olesen fra