The magic button

This evening I comforted my sobbing 9 year old daughter at bedtime. She worries about her very sick grandfather these days and fears what the outcome may be. We can’t (and shouldn’t) shield our children from the reality that our loved ones will sometimes be in situations beyond our control. If we’re not sure how to handle the situation ourselves, being the strong rock your kid can lean on can seem overwhelming — impossible, even.

Something as simple as breathing deeply and holding each other can be enough to make everything okay for a while. And if not, there’s always the magic button: is open for business

Please step inside, leave your shoes on – make yourself at home!

I’m still working on a new design, but you’re welcome to take an unguided tour of my virtual offices – the paint is nowhere near dry, but it’s getting there.

I’m still writing for LEGO® – lots of Friends, Ninjago and CHIMA coming up – but you can also read more about my exciting new project in the Projects section!